Eating Around

Our hotel's neighborhood is full of small food units and fine dining restaurants and cafés whose customers include working-class Turks, businessmen and tourists from around Turkey and other countries.

Especially Hocapasa (Hodjapasha) Street is like a heaven to find various samples of Turkish Cuisine, rooted from rich subcultures of Turkey.

During fine weathers, tables and chairs are placed out in the small square and nearby streets, filling many of them. Outdoor food experience and old-time neighborhood atmosphere are fused with each other. Prices are reasonable, so you might as well choose by first impressions: pick the one you like, look at what's cooking, point to what you want, take a table and enjoy.

Please click to see a short video about Hocapaşa Street.

You may also enjoy a fine dining experience on one of the rooftop restaurants of Sirkeci neighborhood.

Sirkeci will not disappoint you about eating