The Hotel

Our adventure of hotel business started in 2009 by Berge & Mine Ulaş. As the founders of Hotellino Mr. & Mrs. Ulaş invested great efforts to create a very special a homelike place with character for the neighbourhood through the years. In 2017 they decided to 'dedicate more time to themselves and their loved ones' and leave Hotellino to 3 hotel business professionals: Mr. Hüseyin Cakır, Mr. Agah Okay Alkan and Mr. Melih Boyacı.

Finally In September 2017 as 3 partners we took over Hotellino.

In this new period, we will work as a team to preserve the inherited spirit, make further contributions and maintain Hotellino as the home of happy experiences and memories.

Last but not least, we definitely need your support to succeed in our goals.
We look forward to meeting you in persons.